10 Best Places for Hiking in Chile

By Manish Choudhary

1. Torres del Paine National Park 

Big mountains, glaciers, and lakes in southern Chile. Trails like the W Trek are famous.

2. Los Glaciares National Park 

Mountains and glaciers, mostly in Argentina but part in Chile too. Check out the Fitz Roy Trek. 

3. Atacama Desert

In the north, it's dry but cool to explore. Places like Moon Valley and Death Valley have unique landscapes. 

4. Lauca National Park 

In the Andes Mountains, with snowy volcanoes and pretty lakes. Try the Putre-Lauca trek for great views. 

5. Villarrica National Park 

There's a big volcano here. Hike up for awesome views of lakes and mountains. 

6. Chiloé National Park 

On an island, with forests and beaches. Try the Los Delfines Trail for nature spotting. 

7. Cochrane 

A small town with access to wild places. Check out the trails in Tamango National Reserve. 

8. Conguillío National Park 

Volcanoes and forests. The Sierra Nevada trail is cool for seeing ancient trees. 

9. Nahuelbuta National Park 

Old forests and cool wildlife. The Piedra del Águila trail has great views. 

10. Queulat National Park 

Waterfalls and glaciers in the Aysén Region. The Hanging Glacier trail is amazing.