10 Deadliest Birds On The Planet

By Manish Choudhary

1. Cassowary

These birds from New Guinea and Australia are big and have strong legs. They can hurt you with their sharp claws. 

2. Southern Cassowary 

They're like cassowaries but found in different places. They can attack if they feel threatened. 

3. Ostrich 

Ostriches are the biggest birds. They can kick really hard if they're scared or angry. 

4. Emu 

These birds from Australia can run fast and kick hard. They might hurt you if they feel threatened. 

5. Great Horned Owl 

Even though they're not huge, these owls are strong and can grab small animals with their sharp claws. 

6. Golden Eagle 

These big birds can catch animals bigger than themselves. They're really good hunters. 

7. Peregrine Falcon 

These falcons are super fast and dive down to catch their prey with their sharp claws. 

8. Snowy Owl

These owls live in cold places and hunt at night. They're good at catching big animals like geese. 

9. Harpy Eagle

These huge eagles live in the forests of Central and South America. They hunt big animals like monkeys and sloths. 

10. Lammergeier 

These birds drop bones from high up to crack them open and eat the marrow inside. It's rare, but it could hurt if you're underneath.