5 Best James Webb Space Telescope Discoveries

By Manish Choudhary

1. Early Galaxies and Cosmic Dawn 

JWST has seen some of the oldest galaxies that formed after the Big Bang. These findings help us understand how the universe began and how the first stars and galaxies were created.

2. Exoplanet Atmosphere Analysis

JWST has studied the air around planets outside our solar system. It has found water and other gases, which can tell us if these planets might support life.

3. Star and Planet Formation

JWST can look into thick clouds where stars and planets are forming. This helps us see how they are born.

4. Nebulae Details

JWST has taken clear pictures of nebulae, which are big clouds of gas and dust. These pictures show us how stars are made and die.

5. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

JWST helps scientists learn about dark matter and dark energy by looking at faraway galaxies. This helps us understand the mysterious parts of the universe.