8 Most Aggressive Animals In The World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Honey Badger 

Small but fierce, honey badgers fend off lions and leopards with their tough skin and venom resistance. 

2. Hippopotamus 

Territorial and fast in water, hippos attack threats like boats and humans with powerful jaws. 

3. Wolverine 

Fearless scavengers, wolverines take down prey larger than themselves with strong jaws. 

4. Lion 

Apex predators, lions hunt in prides with powerful bites. 

5. Crocodile 

Ambush predators with crushing jaws and sharp teeth. 

6. Elephant 

Intelligent and social, but can be aggressive, especially when feeling threatened. 

7. Cape Buffalo 

Large herbivores known for unpredictable behavior and charging when threatened. 

8. Cassowary 

Flightless birds with sharp claws, native to Australia and New Guinea, can cause serious injuries when provoked.