8 of the Animals with the Scariest Laugh

By Manish Choudhary

1. Hyenas 

They make a creepy laughing sound, especially at night. 

2. Kookaburras 

These birds from Australia have a loud, cackling call that sounds like human laughter. 

3. Gibbons 

Some types of gibbons sound like they're laughing, which can be spooky in the forest. 

4. Green Jays 

Birds from Central and South America, their loud calls can seem like eerie laughter, especially echoing in the trees. 

5. Ring-tailed lemurs 

These animals make chattering sounds that might remind you of laughter, but in a bit of a spooky way. 

6. Spotted Hyenas 

They're known for their distinctive "laughing" sounds, which can be kind of scary. 

7. Red foxes 

Foxes can make high-pitched "laughs" that sound eerie, especially at night. 

8. Cackling Geese 

These geese have loud, cackling calls that might give you the creeps, especially when there's a lot of them flying together.