8 of the Biggest Spiders in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Goliath Birdeater 

A huge spider from South America, mostly in Brazil. It's big but doesn't eat birds much. 

2. Brazilian Salmon Pink Tarantula 

Another big spider from Brazil. It's one of the largest tarantulas. 

3. Giant Huntsman Spider 

Lives in Laos, has long legs, but it's not dangerous to people. 

4. Brazilian Wandering Spider 

From South and Central America, it's not the biggest but has strong venom. 

5. Mexican Redknee Tarantula 

From Mexico, popular as a pet because it looks cool and isn't aggressive. 

6. Australian Golden Orb-Weaver 

Found in Australia and Asia, famous for its big size and strong webs. It's harmless to people. 

7. Hercules Baboon Spider 

Lives in Africa, has a big leg span, but isn't really dangerous. 

8. Columbian Lesserblack Tarantula 

From Colombia, big and colorful, but usually friendly if handled gently.