8 of the Fastest Birds in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Peregrine Falcon 

Fastest flyer alive, dives at over 200 mph! 

2. White-throated Needletail 

Swiftest in level flight, zooms at 105 mph. 

3. Golden Eagle 

Looks majestic, dives for prey at 200 mph! 

4. Eurasian Hobby 

Catches bugs at 100 mph! 

5. Frigatebird 

Huge wings, hunts fish at 95 mph. 

6. Common Swift 

Tiny speedster, zips at 70 mph. 

7. Spur-winged Goose 

Surprisingly fast, flies at 88 mph. 

8. Pigeon 

Surprisingly fast, flies at 88 mph.