8 of the Quirkiest Cities in America

By Manish Choudhary

1. Portland, Oregon 

It's known for cool neighborhoods, artsy stuff on the streets, and great food and beer. 

2. Austin, Texas

Famous for live music everywhere, yummy food trucks, and colorful paintings on walls. 

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

It's all about jazz music, tasty spicy food, and fun shows on the streets. 

4. Asheville, North Carolina 

A mix of artsy things, outdoor fun, and friendly people in the mountains. 

5. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lots of old-style buildings, pretty art scenes, and a mix of Native American and Spanish history. 

6. Portland, Maine 

A cute place with old buildings, yummy seafood, and artsy vibes by the water. 

7. Boulder, Colorado 

Relaxed lifestyle, outdoor fun like hiking, tasty food from local farms, and a cool vibe. 

8. Savannah, Georgia 

Southern charm, spooky tours, and beautiful old buildings and streets.