8 of the World's Biggest Dinosaurs

By Manish Choudhary

1. Argentinosaurus 

A huge plant-eating dinosaur from Argentina, about 100 feet long and weighing around 70 tons. 

2. Sauroposeidon 

Found in North America, with a really long neck, about 40 feet long. It weighed around 60 tons and was about 60-70 feet long. 

3. Dreadnoughtus 

Another big dino from Argentina, around 85 feet long and weighed about 65 tons. 

4. Paralititan 

Discovered in Egypt, it was about 85 feet long and weighed around 59 tons. 

5. Bruhathkayosaurus 

Found in India, possibly weighing around 175 tons and over 85 feet long, but its exact size is not certain. 

6. Patagotitan 

From Argentina, it weighed around 69 tons and was up to 122 feet long. 

7. Futalognkosaurus 

Also from Argentina, it weighed about 38 tons and was around 85 feet long. 

8. Mamenchisaurus 

From China, known for its long neck about 46 feet long. It weighed around 30 tons and was about 85 feet long.