8 of the World's Dangerous Snakes

By Manish Choudhary

1. Inland Taipan 

This snake from Australia has venom that's super toxic. Just one bite can kill a person. 

2. Black Mamba 

Found in Africa, it's super fast and its venom is really dangerous. It can paralyze and kill you fast if you get bitten. 

3. King Cobra 

It's the longest venomous snake in the world, found in Asia. Its bite can cause breathing problems and can be deadly. 

4. Coastal Taipan 

Another deadly snake from Australia. Its venom can make you paralyzed and cause internal bleeding. 

5. Eastern Brown Snake

Also from Australia, it's responsible for lots of deaths there. Its venom messes with your blood and organs. 

6. Saw-scaled Viper 

Found in Africa and Asia, it's known for being aggressive. Its bite can damage your tissues and cause bleeding inside your body. 

7. Fer-de-Lance 

This snake from Central and South America has venom that's really toxic. It can cause serious damage to your body and organs. 

8. Tiger Snake 

Another Australian snake with dangerous venom. It can paralyze you and cause muscle damage, even death if not treated quickly.