8 Prettiest White Sand & Cleanest beaches in the USA

By Sushil Godara            March 24, 2024

Miami Beach, Florida

Soft, powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters.

Kauna'oa Beach (Hawaii)

Crescent-shaped beach with pristine white sand and great snorkeling.

Clearwater Beach (Florida)

Wide stretch of sugar-white sand and calm, shallow waters.

Coronado Beach (California)

Iconic beach with sparkling white sand and stunning Pacific Ocean views.

Driftwood Beach (Georgia)

Unique driftwood trees on white sandy shoreline for a serene atmosphere.

Cannon Beach (Oregon)

Dramatic cliffs, Haystack Rock, and white sand against Pacific Ocean backdrop.

Pensacola Beach (Florida)

 Miles of white sand beaches and crystal-clear Gulf waters.

Navarre Beach (Florida)

 Uncrowded shores, white sand, and emerald green waters.