9 of the Worlds Deadliest Spiders

By Manish Choudhary

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

These spiders from South America are super venomous and can make you very sick or even kill you if they bite you. 

2. Sydney Funnel-web Spider

Found in Australia, this spider's bite can mess up your nerves really badly, and it's especially dangerous for kids. 

3. Black Widow Spider

These spiders are everywhere and their bite can give you muscle pain, make you throw up, and in really bad cases, stop you from breathing. 

4. Redback Spider

Another Australian spider, its bite can hurt a lot and make you feel sick, and sometimes it can be deadly if you don't get help. 

5. Brown Widow Spider

Also found in different places, including the U.S., its bite can make you feel pretty bad, but usually not as bad as a Black Widow. 

6. Six-eyed Sand Spider

Lives in Africa and South America, its bite can mess up your skin and even make you very sick, even though it's rare. 

7. Recluse Spiders

These spiders, like the Brown Recluse, can give you a nasty bite that can ruin your skin and sometimes make you really sick, even though it's rare to die from it. 

8. Mouse Spider

Found in Australia, its bite can mess up your nerves just like the Sydney Funnel-web spider, and it can be really bad if you don't get help. 

9. Funnel-web Spider

Also from Australia, its bite can make your muscles go crazy, make it hard to breathe, and sometimes even kill you, especially if you're young or old.