Top 9 Best Alaska Cruise Excursions in 2024

By Manish Choudhary

1. See Glacier Bay 

Visit a place with big ice and cool animals like whales. 

2. Visit Denali Park 

Take a train or bus to see big mountains and animals like bears. 

3. Check out Mendenhall Glacier 

See a huge icy thing and maybe ride a helicopter. 

4. Zipline in Ketchikan 

Fly through trees and look at birds and trees. 

5. Take a train in Skagway 

Ride a cool train and learn about gold. 

6. Sail through Tracy Arm Fjord 

Go on a boat through a narrow place with big cliffs. 

7. Watch whales in Sitka 

Go on a boat and see big whales. 

8. Learn in Haines

Visit places to learn about Alaska's first people. 

9. Eat seafood in Anchorage 

Try tasty fish and crabs and learn how they catch them.