8 Best James Webb Space Telescope discoveries

By Manish Choudhary

1. First Look 

JWST could capture images of the earliest galaxies formed after the Big Bang. 

2. Exoplanet Air 

It might study the air around planets outside our solar system to see if they could support life. 

3. Galaxy Growth 

JWST may help us understand how galaxies grow and change over time. 

4. Star Birthplaces 

It could show us where stars are born and how they form. 

5. Planet Birth 

JWST might reveal how planets are born around young stars. 

6. Dark Mystery 

It could help us learn more about dark matter, a mysterious substance in the universe. 

7. Galactic Moves 

JWST could show us how stars move within galaxies and how galaxies interact. 

8. Early Universe Reionization 

It might reveal how the universe looked when the first stars turned on, long ago.