8 of the Best Natural Hot Springs in the US

By Manish Choudhary

1. Strawberry Park Hot Springs (Colorado) 

A cozy spot near Steamboat Springs with warm pools and mountain views. 

2. Calistoga Hot Springs (California) 

Healing springs in Napa Valley. Relax in mineral pools or mud baths after wine tasting. 

3. Deep Creek Hot Springs (California) 

Natural pools by the Mojave River after a nice forest hike. 

4. The Springs Resort & Spa (Colorado) 

Luxury in Pagosa Springs with lots of warm pools for pampering. 

5. Boiling River (Wyoming/Montana) 

A natural hot tub where hot and cool rivers meet in Yellowstone. 

6. Dunton Hot Springs (Colorado) 

Fancy cabins in the mountains with private hot springs. 

7. Goldmyer Hot Springs (Washington) 

Remote hot springs after a hike in the woods. 

8. Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas) 

Historic springs in a park with a mix of nature and old charm.