8 of the Best Places to go in 2024

By Manish Choudhary

1. Kyoto, Japan 

A city full of ancient temples, peaceful gardens, and traditional geisha culture. 

2. Kerala, India 

Known for its beautiful backwaters, relaxing Ayurvedic treatments, and stunning beaches. 

3. Iceland 

Explore glaciers, waterfalls, and see the Northern Lights in this natural wonderland. 

4. Patagonia, Argentina/Chile

Perfect for hiking, wildlife spotting, and enjoying breathtaking mountain scenery. 

5. Marrakech, Morocco 

Vibrant markets, stunning palaces, and delicious food await in this bustling city. 

6. Fiji 

Dive into clear waters, explore coral reefs, and experience friendly Fijian culture. 

7. Sydney, Australia 

Discover Aboriginal history, iconic landmarks like the Opera House, and enjoy the harbor. 

8. British Virgin Islands 

Relax on beautiful beaches and enjoy luxurious resorts in the Caribbean.