10 Best Places To See Nothern Lights

By Manish Choudhary

1. Tromsø, Norway 

Good for seeing Northern Lights. 

2. Abisko, Sweden 

Nice for Northern Lights, less city lights. 

3. Iceland 

Lots of spots to see Northern Lights, like parks. 

4. Yellowknife, Canada 

Cold but great for Northern Lights. 

5. Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 

Good for seeing Aurora in the wild. 

6. Rovaniemi, Finland 

Lapland capital, good for seeing Northern Lights. 

7. Kiruna, Sweden 

Lapland town, good for seeing Aurora. 

8. Yukon Territory, Canada 

Big wilderness, good for Northern Lights. 

9. Greenland 

Few people, great for seeing Aurora. 

10. Svalbard, Norway 

Arctic island, good for seeing Northern Lights.