10 Best Small Towns in the Midwest America

By Manish Choudhary

1. Galena, Illinois 

This town by the Mississippi River has old buildings, cute shops, and nice views. 

2. Bayfield, Wisconsin 

It's on Lake Superior and has pretty sights, fruit farms, and you can visit islands nearby. 

3. Traverse City, Michigan 

They grow lots of cherries here! You can try cherry food and go to the beach or hike in the nearby park. 

4. Stillwater, Minnesota 

This town by a river has old-style houses, shops with old things, and you can take a boat ride. 

5. Hermann, Missouri 

They make good wine here and have German-style buildings. You can taste wine and see nice views. 

6. Saugatuck, Michigan 

A nice beach town with art shops, sand dunes, and you can ride on big sandy hills. 

7. Eureka Springs, Arkansas 

It's in the mountains and has old houses. There are shops with strange things and you can visit hot springs. 

8. Decorah, Iowa 

This town has hills and a museum about Norway. You can walk, fish, or bike here. 

9. Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 

A vacation spot by a big lake with fancy houses. You can go boating, walk around, or play golf. 

10. Mackinac Island, Michigan 

No cars allowed! There are old houses, horse-drawn carriages, and yummy fudge to eat.