8 of the Best Tiger Sanctuaries in the US

By Manish Choudhary

1. Big Cat Rescue 

In Tampa, Florida, they take in tigers and other big cats from bad situations. 

2. Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge 

Found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, they rescue and care for abandoned tigers and other big cats. 

3. Wildlife Waystation 

In California, they help hurt or abandoned tigers and other exotic animals. 

4. Carolina Tiger Rescue 

In Pittsboro, North Carolina, they rescue tigers and teach people about their needs. 

5. Exotic Feline Rescue Center 

In Center Point, Indiana, they rescue and give a home to tigers and other exotic cats. 

6. Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge 

In Tyler, Texas, they rescue and protect tigers and other big cats. 

7. Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary 

In Locust Grove, Georgia, they provide a home for rescued tigers and other animals. 

8. The Wild Animal Sanctuary 

In Keenesburg, Colorado, they give large spaces for tigers and other rescued animals to live happily.