8 of the Most Aggressive Animals in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Elephant 

Big elephants can get mad if they feel threatened. 

2. Crocodile 

These big reptiles with strong jaws can be very mean. 

3. Honey Badger 

Small but tough, they'll fight anyone, even bigger animals. 

4. Buffalo 

A big, black buffalo in Africa can be super dangerous. 

5. Box Jellyfish 

Found in Australia, their sting hurts a lot and can even kill. 

6. Wolverine 

Tough little predators that don't back down from a fight. 

7. Cassowary 

A big bird that kicks hard and is not friendly. 

8. Lion 

Lions in Africa can be aggressive, especially if they're protecting their turf or hunting for food.