Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals of the Amazon Rainforest

By Manish Choudhary

1. Green Anaconda 

A huge snake that squeezes its prey. 

2. Jaguar 

A big cat that hunts other animals. 

3. Poison Dart Frog 

A small frog with deadly skin toxins. 

4. Brazilian Wandering Spider 

A venomous spider with a painful bite. 

5. Electric Eel 

A fish that gives strong electric shocks. 

6. Black Caiman 

A big, aggressive alligator. 

7. Bullet Ant 

An ant with a sting that really hurts. 

8. Anaconda 

Another type of big snake. 

9. Piranha 

A fish with sharp teeth that can bite people. 

10. Giant Centipede 

A huge centipede with a painful bite.