Top 5 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas 

By Manish Choudhary

1. Herb Farming

Grow herbs like basil and mint.

Investment: Small cost for seeds and soil. Profit: Sell fresh or dried herbs to markets and restaurants.

2. Mushroom Farming

Grow mushrooms like oyster and shiitake.

Investment: Small space and basic materials. Profit: Quick growth and high demand.

3. Microgreens Farming

Grow tiny greens like arugula and radish.

Investment: Seeds, trays, and soil. Profit: Fast-growing and popular with health-conscious buyers.

4. Beekeeping

Raise bees for honey and other products.

Investment: Beehives and basic gear. Profit: High demand for honey and bee products.

5. Organic Vegetable Farming

Grow vegetables without chemicals.

Investment: Seeds, compost, and simple tools. Profit: Higher prices for organic produce.