Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake in the World

By Manish Choudhary

1. Inland Taipan (Fierce Snake) 

Has the deadliest venom of any snake. 

2. Eastern Brown Snake 

Found in Australia, causes the most snakebite deaths there. 

3. Black Mamba 

Fast, aggressive, and deadly. Found in Africa. 

4. Russell's Viper 

Lives in South Asia, venom can be deadly. 

5. Coastal Taipan

Another deadly snake from Australia. 

6. King Cobra

Longest venomous snake, delivers a lot of venom in one bite. 

7. Tiger Snake 

Found in Australia, venom can be deadly. 

8. Saw-scaled Viper 

Lives in Africa and the Middle East, venomous and aggressive. 

9. Boomslang 

Found in Africa, venom causes severe bleeding. 

10. Fer-de-lance 

Lives in Central and South America, venomous and aggressive.