Top 5 Crazy facts about Amazon, world's largest rainforest

Sushil Godara

March 06, 2024

Biodiversity Hub Home to 16,000 tree species and over 390 billion individual trees.

Oxygen Factory Produces 20% of the world's oxygen, crucial for global climate regulation.

Uncontacted Tribes Houses isolated indigenous tribes choosing to remain untouched by the outside world.

River of Life Amazon River, the second-longest globally, discharges more water than the next seven largest rivers combined.

Deforestation Impact Faces threats with 17% lost in the last 50 years, impacting biodiversity and climate.

Incredible River Diversity Houses over 3,000 recognized fish species, showcasing unparalleled aquatic biodiversity. .

Unique Wildlife Home to jaguars, anacondas, and vibrant bird species, adding to its exceptional biodiversity.