Top 5 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas with Low Investment

By Sushil Godara

February 13, 2024

 Agriculture Business

These days, agriculture related businesses are developing rapidly. Therefore, here we will tell you about Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas with Low Investment.

Organic Farming

Organic farming involves cultivating fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants without spraying any pesticides, medicines or chemicals. This business is developing rapidly.

Livestock Farming

Livestock farming involves the breeding and raising of animals, such as cattle, poultry, and pigs, for various purposes, including meat, milk, eggs, and other by-products.

Tree farm Business

Tree farm business involves timber production along with cultivation of valuable trees like: sandalwood, teak etc.


Agri-tourism is a business that invites visitors to experience and participate in farm activities, offering a blend of agricultural and tourism experiences.

Medicinal herbs farming

Medicinal herbs farming involves cultivating plants with therapeutic properties for use in traditional medicine, pharmaceuticals, or herbal products.

 Low Investment

You can easily start these given top 5 agricultural businesses with low investment.