Top 6 Mustard Producing States In India

By Sushil Godara

February 11, 2024

India ranks third in the world in mustard production after Canada and China. The average productivity for the year 2022-23 will result in total mustard production of 115.25 lakh tonnes.

Rajasthan is the country's top mustard producer. contributing approximately 40-45 percent to the nation's total mustard production.

Uttar Pradesh ranks second in mustard production in India. Uttar Pradesh is another major contributor to India's mustard production.

Haryana ranks third in the country in mustard production. Haryana state plays an important role in meeting the mustard oilseed requirements of the country.

Madhya Pradesh ranks fourth in mustard production. Madhya Pradesh is among the leading mustard-producing states.

Punjab ranks 5th in mustard production. Punjab is an important mustard-producing state, and farmers in the region cultivate mustard as a winter crop.

Gujarat's contribution in mustard production in India is at 6th place. The state's agricultural practices, coupled with suitable climate conditions, support mustard cultivation.

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