9 of the Worlds Deadliest Spiders

By Manish Choudhary

1. Brazilian Wandering Spider 

Found in South and Central America. Venom can paralyze and stop breathing.

2. Sydney Funnel-web Spider 

Big and brown, found in eastern Australia. Their bite can cause muscle cramps and vomiting. 

3. Brown Recluse Spider 

Found in the central and southern United States. Has a violin-shaped marking. Their bite can kill tissue. 

4. Chilean Recluse Spider 

Similar to the brown recluse, found in Chile and Argentina. Venom can cause tissue damage.

5. Black Widow Spider 

Found worldwide, with an hourglass mark. Bite causes pain, cramps, and nausea. 

6. Redback Spider 

Found in Australia, similar to the black widow. Venom can cause serious health problems. 

7. Brown Widow Spider 

Found in the southern United States. Venom isn't as strong but can cause issues. 

8. Yellow Sac Spider 

Found globally, with a yellow sac-shaped egg sac. Bites hurt but aren't usually deadly. 

9. Wolf Spider

Found worldwide, hunts for prey. Bites are painful but not usually deadly.