10 of the World’s Most Dangerous Fish

By Manish Choudhary

1. Stonefish 

Has venomous spines, found in the Indo-Pacific, can cause serious pain and tissue damage if stepped on. 

2. Box Jellyfish 

Extremely venomous, found in the Indo-Pacific, can cause heart failure and death if stung. 

3. Pufferfish 

Contains a deadly toxin, found in some parts of the world, can be fatal if eaten unless prepared carefully. 

4. Lionfish 

Has venomous spines, invasive in the Caribbean, can cause pain and sickness if stung. 

5. Electric Eel 

Lives in the Amazon, can give powerful electric shocks, which can harm but usually not kill humans. 

6. Candiru 

A small Amazon fish that can swim into human bodily openings, causing pain and health issues. 

7. Goliath Tigerfish 

Lives in Africa's rivers, large and aggressive, can attack and injure humans. 

8. Great White Shark 

One of the biggest sharks, known for rare but sometimes fatal attacks on humans. 

9. Barracuda 

Found in warm oceans, has sharp teeth, rare but can bite humans causing deep wounds. 

10. Tigerfish 

Lives in African rivers, aggressive and can bite humans, especially in unfamiliar areas.