Top 10 World's Most Popular Cat Breeds

By Manish Choudhary

1. Exotic Shorthair 

These cats have flat faces, soft fur, and they're really friendly. 

2. Persian 

These cats have long, fluffy fur and they're super sweet. 

3. Maine Coon 

They're big cats with furry ears, and they're really friendly. 

4. Ragdoll 

These cats are relaxed and floppy when you pick them up. 

5. British Shorthair 

They have round faces, dense fur, and they're really chill. 

6. Scottish Fold 

Their ears fold down, and they're very gentle. 

7. Siamese 

They have bright blue eyes, and they like to talk a lot. 

8. Bengal 

They look like mini leopards and they're very playful. 

9. Siberian 

These cats have thick fur and they're good for people with allergies. 

10. Abyssinian 

They have short fur and are very active and curious.